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Eryri National Park

For my birthday last January, I drove North into the Eryri National Park to skulk about with my camera.

I left late as usual and drove North on the A587 and just had a plan of just seeing what was about. I didn’t stop until the mountain pass near Cadair Idris where it had started to snow. Pulled into the layby, got out and shot some pictures setting the tone for the trip. Me running around, not getting any good shots.  

I stopped again near Dolgellau to get this shot off the roundabout. Continued on and stopped at Trawsfynydd getting a few photographs here before moving on and stopping again in Porthmadog.

I wanted to get a photograph from the bridge on the way in, but the light disappeared too quickly. I ended up getting a couple of ok shots of the harbour with some pretty dramatic colour & light.

I ended up near Ogwen and found a car park by the lake to stop in, Set up my bed, made some noodles, watched a movie, and went to sleep.
It was fucking cold.

The night was cold and snowing heavily, I woke up to a hazy white morning and headed East across the A5 looking for things to photo.

I walked about with no direction snapping some pictures and generally enjoying the snow, I headed back West once again, parked by the lake, and had a little stroll around looking for pictures I could take of the lake and the mountains surrounding.

I drove back North to Bethesda and got some coffee and snacks before continuing my drive about the place, not really knowing where to go, or what to do. I ended up driving the main pass and stopping along the way whenever I felt like it.

Midway back down the a498 stopping at Llyn Gwynant for a couple of snaps before making my way back Down South for the evening.
It was a nice drive home, listening to Radio Cymru do a phone in which the contestants needed to identify a tractor by its engine noise.